Take a walk with Nils

Well i was asked to write a few proposals for you guys how to spend a nice weekend in Hamburg when coming along for the Weekender. Here is an idea for a nice walk on a saturday which are in the centre of town or nearby.

You best get started in one of Hamburg lovely’s quarter Ottensen, which is on the westside of train station Altona. Enjoy the atmosphere and take a coffee or a prober breakfast at one of the little bars. You go along the Ottenser Hauptstrasse and nearby streets and just do some sightseeing. Than you can walk along a nice park into direction of river Elbe. You pass the lovely old town hall to the, so called „Altonaer Balkon“, where you have tremendous view over the full Hamburg harbour.

Nils Söhl
Local DJ Nils Söhl knows where to go.

Go back to the train station and take tube S21, S11 or S31 into east direction. Step out at station Sternschanze, which is the second stop. 

It takes you only five minutes. Here you can discover the quarters Sternschanze, northern St. Pauli. The streets around the Paulinenplatz, which is way nicer than the southern opponent, the red light district (leave this totally out) and the Karolinenviertel.

 First you hang around at the streets Schulterblatt and Schanzenstrasse. This used to be a very alternative quarter years ago, but has been taken over by hipsters. But you still will find a nice record or clothes store next to Apple, Adidas, whatever. There is a very nice flea market each saturday at the Knust Club in the Feldstrasse, which is nearby and on your way to the Karolinenviertel, you will find a way better souvenier there, as in a fucking tourist shop. Walk to the Markstrasse, where lots of second hand shops and some nice coffees and bars are located.

Than it’s time to head into direction Grossneumarkt where you find some very old Hamburg streets in the Komponistenviertel. Time to drop in at Thorsten Wegners Pure Soul Record Shop, located in the street Kohlhoefen, a heaven for any serious RnB, Soul,RnR 45 collector. By far the best record shop in Germany. You should calculate at least an hour for the stay. Just 50 meters away is my fave clothes shop, namend Casual Couture. Mainly british clothes, great selection, good price, nice staff. Turn your attention to direction of the harbour. You pass by the Michel, which is Hamburg’s most famost church. Just take a snap outside, dont waste you money on the entrancefee. Go the stairs down and turn right into the Portuguese Quarter, which is – oho – crowded of portuguese and spanish restaurants and bars. Time to take a lunch here before the boozing kicks off. My tip is the restaurant  A Varina, located in the Karpfangerstrasse. Top food, great atmoshpere, great guys, absolute bomb. I presume you make a reservation, Phone is: +4940372662. When you have finished there, it’s only a ten minutes walk towards the departure point of the RnB Boat Party. Bottle it up and go! Go Go RnB on the Sea! The rest of the day is dedicated to the vinyl sounds of the Weekender. Enjoy!